You deserve a life that blows your mind…

a life that makes you excited to get out of bed in the morning…so why are most people not experiencing this type of life?

Imagine your life as a car. Most people are in the passenger seat of their own life- just along for the ride and simply reacting to life as it happens to them- with no specific destination in the GPS.

They let their circumstances drive the car. They let their past drive the car. They let their hidden thoughts and beliefs drive the car. They let other people drive the car. They let fear, and their comfort zone drive the car.

Then the car gets stuck in a rut, and the deeper the rut gets the harder it is to get out. Every day starts to look the same and it feels like living life on auto-pilot, until one day they look at their life and think “where did the last 5 years go?”

Most people are surviving life.

Surviving life LOOKS like…

  • getting up (reluctantly) to get through the day, only to go to bed exhausted and get back up to do it all over again the next day

  • wondering how the last 5 years flew by so fast and why your life doesn’t look the way you thought it would

  • getting through your “to do” list with NO TIME or energy left for yourself or those you care about the most

  • procrastinating and pushing off the things you desire to get done in exchange for what “feels good” in the moment

  • people pleasing- trying to be everything to everyone

  • a lack of dreaming, planning, and goal setting

  • a lack of growth and progress

  • going through life on auto-pilot, reacting to life, and letting life happen to you

  • never taking action on those ideas in your head due to lack of time, energy, and commitment

  • going to a job every day that doesn’t light you up inside

  • living in a body you ignore, or worse, don’t like

  • experiencing disconnected and half hearted relationships

Surviving life FEELS like…

  • Exhaustion (I’m so tired)

  • Stress/Overwhelm (there’s so much to do)

  • Lack of time (there’s not enough time to do it all and no time left for me)

  • Lack of purpose (what am I here for? Am I living up to my full potential? Am I doing enough? Is this what I’m supposed to be doing?)

  • Worry/Anxiousness (overthinking everything, expecting the worst)

  • Wasting time (the years are passing me by and I’m not creating and living the life I desire)

  • Sadness (lack of happiness and zest for life)

  • Confusion (I don’t know what to do or how to do it, so I don’t even try)

  • Hopelessness (nothing I try will work anyways, this is as good as life gets)

  • Boredom (I need some entertainment and distraction from my life)

  • Comparison (I’m not as talented/committed/beautiful/smart as “so and so” and I’m not capable of creating that kind of life)

  • Jealousy (why don’t I have the life and circumstances that “so and so” was given?)

  • Frustration/Blame (If my parents/spouse/partner/boss/kids would change I would be so much happier in my life)

  • Regret (I should have done XYZ…I could have done better, been better, and achieved more)

…which leads to overeating, overdrinking, overspending, overworking, overmedicating, and bingeing on Netflix to avoid and escape your own life.

Surviving life SEEMS like…

  • the normal thing to do (when you look around you see everyone else doing it)

  • the easy thing to do (it feels that way in the moment, although in the long run it is NOT)

  • the safe thing to do (our brain is constantly telling us to stay safe and avoid change)

  • the comfortable thing to do (our brain is always convincing us to stay in our comfort zone)

  • the righteous thing to do (I should just be content and grateful for what I have)

Does any of this sound familiar?

My name is Jacquelyn Emery, and i’m a certified Life Coach passionate about helping you go from “surviving” life to living your life on purpose.

Not too long ago I was the one “surviving life.”

I was taking antidepressants, drinking too much alcohol to avoid my feelings and distract myself from my life, unhappy in my body, dissatisfied in my relationship, and although I was raising two amazing children I still felt a lack of purpose in my life. I was stuck in a rut, and constantly thought about how the years were passing me by and that I wasn’t living up to my full potential, and that there must be more to life than this.

Then in 2011 I took my brother to a doctor’s appointment that would change our lives forever.

We were told my brother had ALS and had only two years to live.

This sparked a transformational journey in my life as I watched him battle the disease for the next 7 years (before passing away in 2018).

During this time I began learning tools to help me get through the sadness, bitterness, and confusion of our current reality.

And I learned that I had the ability to think and feel however I wanted, ON PURPOSE, regardless of my circumstances.

I learned that I could then use those thoughts and feelings to drive action, and create whatever results I wanted in any area of my life.

I also began to see life through a whole new lens. I realized deeply that life is a gift, and it isn’t something to be simply surviving, but something to be appreciated and something to be INTENTIONALLY CREATING…

…to be living on purpose, so you can look back at your life with no regrets and know that you made it all you wanted it to be.

Living your life on purpose LOOKS like…

  • getting out of bed excited for the day ahead

  • knowing what you want and having a clear vision of your ideal life

  • productivity and getting more done with less time and energy

  • taking consistent action towards your goals and creating a life you love

  • dreaming, planning and goal setting

  • managing your time and prioritizing only the most important things to you

  • intentionally filling your life with activities that energize you and make you feel good

  • growth, progress, and evolvement

  • managing your mind and your emotions

  • using your gifts and living out your unique purpose every day

  • making your mental and physical health a priority

  • appreciating and taking care of your body

  • experiencing passionate, fulfilling, and connected relationships

Living your life on purpose FEELS like…

  • an energized body, mind, and spirit

  • happiness/feeling good

  • a calm and worry free (managed) mind

  • peace and fulfillment

  • clarity on what you want and where you are heading

  • empowerment to create your results

  • awareness-in tune with your thoughts and feelings

  • control over your emotions

  • confidence and belief in yourself and what you are capable of

  • excitement and anticipation for the results you are creating

  • love-for yourself and those around you

  • purpose- knowing why you are here and who you are meant to be

  • responsibility for all you are currently experiencing

  • gratitude for all you have and all that is coming your way

Living your life on purpose SEEMS like…

  • The abnormal thing to do: What will people think of me if i’m not going with the crowd?

  • The hard thing to do: Is this even possible for me and how much effort is involved?

  • The scary thing to do: I would rather stay safe.

  • The uncomfortable thing to do: I want to stay in my comfort zone.

I want you to know something, and feel it deep in your soul: This type of life is possible for YOU.

What I have learned throughout this journey, and the tools I have implemented, have changed my life, and will continue to change my life forever moving forward.

And I want to help YOU learn these same tools so you can go from surviving your life to living your life on purpose…

So I created a program called Life in the Driver’s Seat where I teach you to do just that by using my unique TFPG Method.

This program is designed to help you get out of the passenger seat and into the driver’s seat of your life and start living your life with intention-creating real results and a life that you love (and FEEL BETTER no matter where you are right now).

What’s included in The Life in the Driver’s Seat Program?

  • 6 months of weekly (45 minute) one-on-one coaching calls

  • The Life in the Driver’s Seat Program Video Modules (containing over 50 videos) covering The TFPG (Think/Feel/Prioritize/Grow) Method, and The Life in the Driver’s Seat 8 Step repeatable process you can use to transform any and EVERY area of your life

  • The Life in the Driver’s Seat Workbook (printable pdf) to help you implement what you learn within the program video modules

  • Lifetime Access to all program materials

What is my unique TFPG Method and what will you learn in this program?

The TFPG Method stands for: Think. Feel. Prioritize. Grow, and it’s the recipe for finally feeling the way you want to feel, creating real and lasting results in every area of you life, and living a life you love.

  1. THINK: Take control of your thoughts- The first step is to become aware of your thoughts and learn to think on purpose.

    Most people aren’t even aware of their thoughts, the sentences in their heads that are on repeat day in and day out. Why is this so important?

    Our thoughts become our beliefs and our beliefs become our identity. Our identity determines how we feel, and how we interact with everything and everyone around us.  

    (Thoughts> Feelings>Actions>Results) Most people are spending their time and effort working on changing their actions to see new results, which may work temporarily, but always leads us back to where we started. Your thoughts are creating your current reality, period. Your current thoughts = your current life. If you want new results in ANY area of your life you must learn to think new thoughts on purpose. New thinking= new results. This is much different than simply “positive thinking.” We dive deep into the human brain, how it works, and how we can recognize what’s it’s offering up to us at any given moment and DECIDE what we want to do with it. The amazing news is this is a skill that can be learned, and once you master this skill your whole life will change, guaranteed.

  1. FEEL: Take control of your emotions- The second step is to learn how to feel your emotions AND intentionally create feelings on purpose.

    I want to teach you the skill of FEELING BETTER. That’s right, you can actually decide how you want to feel, and create those feelings on purpose no matter what your current situation or circumstances. Most people let their emotions control them, and believe they are powerless over them. They try to control their circumstances and the people around them in order to feel how they want to feel. In this program you will learn to feel your feelings in a healthy way (which leads to less “buffering” activities like overeating, over-drinking, over-shopping and overmedicating to avoid your feelings), and how to intentionally create emotions so you can feel however you want to feel no matter your circumstances.

  1. PRIORITIZE: Take control of your time- the third step is to take control of your most valuable asset…time.

    If you want to live your life intentionally, learning to manage your time is one of the most important skills to master.  In this step you will learn The Life in the Driver’s Seat Time Management System, which you can use for the rest of your life to ensure you are fitting in and prioritizing the most important things to YOU. You will be more productive, getting more done in less time, and find time for the activities and people that mean the most to you which means a life of more energy, joy and fulfillment. You will also begin to see the compounding effect of time management in your life- as you get more things done, you are able to move on to achieve more and more over time…creating unbelievable results you never thought possible.

  1. GROW: The final step is to intentionally and consistently grow and evolve- I believe, without a doubt, that this is when we feel our happiest and most fulfilled.

    Within this step you will learn The Life in the Driver’s Seat 7 Step Process that you can apply over and over again to consistently improve and create results in EVERY area of your life. You will dream big, and get clarity on exactly what it is that you want in your life by creating your ultimate Life Vision. Then it’s time to set effective goals, turn those goals into a SIMPLE action plan, overcome any obstacles standing in your way, and create a life you love.

You’re ready to feel better, and start creating the life you really desire- what is the next step in working together?

To get a taste of what coaching can do for you, and discuss how my program can help, schedule a FREE Breakthrough Call by visiting

On this call we will discuss three things:

  1. Where you are right now (what you are currently experiencing)

  2. Where you want to be (what you want to be experiencing instead)

  3. A crystal clear pan to get you there, as well as actions you can implement right away

I know you will get so much value from our time together and I can’t wait to connect with you.

Make sure to watch my FREE TRAINING: Create a Life You love in 4 Simple Steps:


I’m struggling to keep this testimonial to only a few sentences- I have sooooo much to say about Jacquelyn! For the FIRST time in my life I was able to be completely honest and vulnerable with someone. I felt free to communicate my true feelings without ever feeling judged or ashamed. Jacquelyn listens and understands like no one else. My mindset has grown so much from our work together and this plays into EVERY area of my life. She is more than a Life Coach, she’s been an angel in my life.

Casey K.

Jacquelyn helped me through a relationship transition, and throughout the dramatic ups and downs of my journey she was a constant comfort and support. When I needed to cry and have someone listen, she was there. When I needed real-life no fluff guidance, she was there. She helped me sort out how I was really feeling inside, things I couldn’t have seen on my own, which gave me clarity on decisions that I needed to make. She made me feel safe when I was feeling helpless. She helped me feel brave and empowered when I felt scared and powerless. She helped me feel clear when I was unsure of what to do. I’m lucky to have found Jacquelyn. I showed up to do the work and it completely changed my life.

Jessica L.

Jacquelyn’s approach to coaching has given me hope that I can create the life I desire. Her encouraging words and expertise allow me to turn inward and reflect on my current life, the life I want to be living, and start questioning “why” and “how” I can move towards my dreams. I highly recommend that everyone takes advantage of her free breakthrough call. She continues to amaze, teach and guide every time we talk. What a source of light and hope in this dark world. We can all benefit from being coached by Jacquelyn.

Denise M.

Before working with Jacquelyn, I let people and outside circumstances drain my energy and determine my worth and happiness. Jacquelyn saw the best in me. She has helped me to feel truly confident, and own all of the unique and great qualities about myself, and I love her so much for that. She listens deeply and then offers you a completely new perspective, one that you would have never seen on your own, which is an invaluable quality. My newfound confidence has improved multiple areas of my life that I was needing to address. She is an amazing Life Coach!

Melissa T.

Before working with Jacquelyn I was miserable in a job I hated. I felt stressed, tired and overworked and dreaded going in each morning, but I couldn’t see a way out of my current situation. Jacquelyn showed me that it’s possible to dream big, and really made me feel seen and believed in. She made me see things in myself that I’d never acknowledged before and encouraged me to take steps towards doing something that I love. I began a business working from home and one year later I was able to quit my job. Now I’m doing something i’m actually passionate about! I’m so grateful for Jacquelyn for her encouragement and guidance.

Marianne M.

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